AJ Silver

Born in The Bronx, New York, Angelo Iodice (aka AJ Silver) grew up fascinated with the Wild West and all of its wonders. At the age of eleven, after witnessing his first rodeo at Madison Square Garden, he found his calling – he would become a rodeo trick rider!

His initial training began when he worked with the professional rodeo couple Nick and Helen Panzella, also Bronx natives. Helen, one of the nation’s top trick riders, was so impressed with Angelo’s determination to learn that she agreed to mentor him. Nick, a blacksmith and rodeo competitor, taught Angelo trick roping and prepared him for life on the rodeo trail. Every day after school, while his friends were playing stickball, Angelo was practicing the cowboy arts with the Panzellas.

He put his career on hold to attend Pace University where he later found there was an equestrian program – and the perfect opportunity to train in many equine disciplines. He became the captain of Pace’s polo team and was selected as a participant in the school-funded Leadership Program.

After graduation, Angelo taught high school for one term but quickly gave it up for the rodeo trail. He was immediately hired by the Longhorn Rodeo Company – the world’s largest producer of indoor rodeos. He traveled across the USA, garnering much attention for his outstanding trick riding and roping skills and signature showmanship.

Within one year he was honored as the Act of the Year by the International Rodeo Association at The Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma and was accepted as a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association. Now, his focus is turned more towards a western variety act, combining trick roping, bullwhip artistry, and boleadoras. Under the stage name of AJ Silver, he travels around the world performing in a variety of entertainment venues – including the place where it all began, Madison Square Garden.

All the world’s a stage for the talented AJ Silver – sit back and soak in all of the skill, speed and surprise this entertaining Bronx boy has to offer!