2012 Circus Sarasota Winter Performance of Bello Mania Sarasota Magazine Review




With Impressive new acts, Circus Sarasota soars higher  Herald Trib, Sunday Feb 3, 2008 Jay Handelman    “There’ something magical about Circus Sarasota.  The intimacy of its big top gives every9one the feeling of sharing a fun experience.”

Spectacle Mag, spring 2007 Hovey Burgess  “I went, for the first time, to Circus Sarasota, now in its tenth year, expecting , frankly, to see just another good, one ring, tented, American circus.  What I saw was better than that—a circus akin to some of the excellent performances I expect to see at an international circus festival in Monte Carlo or Paris.”

City of Sarasota, Lou Ann Palmer  On behalf of the City of Sarasota Commission, citizens and visitors of the community we are honored to support CS which has becomes an integral part of the economic life of Sarasota, giving our area its unique identity.”


The East County Observer Thurs Oct 27, 2005  Bill Rosenberger “In this environment, laughter isn’t the reaction you’re looking for,” Sidlow says  “It’s nice when it happens, but with (institutionalized seniors), it’s a brand new reaction you feel.

Style Mag.  June 2004  Deborah Seeber “The simple act of placing a hand upon a hand, the comfort of a caring arm around a shoulder… is something that every living person needs, and something that the elderly and handicapped are frequently denied.”

Herald Trib Sept 24, 2005 Tilde Herrera  “All you have to do is look into somebody’s eyes and you see their soul,” Bell said. “And you see their history.”

Venice Gondolier Sun 2005, Jeremy Rottgen  “It’s more about building relationships than just having a clown visit the elderly,” said Chuck Sidlow. “I’ve worked very closely with them (clowns) since I’ve been here, said Pinebrook Activities Director Colleen Tempier.  “They come here every week meet the residents.  It’s just amazing how the residents react to them.  Dementia residents who don’t really have much of a reaction to anything.”  “Residents who are cognitively impaired, some of them have so many things going on with them they might e depressed or just not up to things and the Laughter Unlimited program is the one thing.  They’ll actually go up and talk to the clowns and they react differently to them.  It’s been very beneficial and it’s really neat to see.  Even in our Alzheimer’s unit.  They just get such a  response,” said Tempier.

“It’s truly being friends and listening to what they have to say because a lot of times their families are living elsewhere.”

Pines of Sarasota 1-25-05 John Overton  “Our philosophy of care addresses clearly the three plagues of aging…loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.  The Laughter Unlimited Program also focuses on each of those plagues in a n exemplary manner.”

SFC-Venice Kathleen Simonds “LU lightens hearts, puts a sparkle in eyes, and promotes recall in our clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s”.

Pinebrook, Linda Fazio 10-28-08  “Patients that are dependent upon others for care ‘light up’ with pride and joy as their strengths and assets are quickly identified and supported by the clowns.”

Springwood rehab and nursing center, Amy Paine and Debra Simmons, 9-9-07  “We have seen over the course of 2 years, how this program provides quality of life for all our residents who, even in spite of some memory deficit, do not forget Laughter Unlimited!”



East County Observer 1-17-08 Jen Ball  “I had a little boy tell his mother I gave him happy tears, and that just tickles me to death” Bell said.

Girls Inc newsletter, Sept 2005 “Circus Sarasota has greatly impacted the community with its strong education, human service and performing arts programs.  The girls were delighted by the performance of a Circus Sarasota clown and her trick dog.”

Herald Trib.  2005  Patty Allen-Jones “I enjoy doing the tricks,” said 9- year- old third grader Karissa Williams, and “that we get all our homework done.”  “Here is the best of two worlds coming together for these kids,” Steve Dragon said.

Herald Trib Phyllis Breeden, 5-2-2007  “AAs fifth-grader Sarah Oney said of her motive to join the program. “I thought it would be really fun.  And it is.  You get to learn about cool stuff and get to be really goofy”.

Rowlette Ele, 5-22-08 Paula Karalis  “This program was wonderful for teaching children the real-world concept of teamwork as well as patience and cooperation.  The children had to work cooperatively with one another in order to perform successfully.”  The circus offered such a unique opportunity in which all children participated and could express themselves.”

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