Emily Wyatt

Trapeze Instructor


Acrobatic Adagio, Girls Hand Balancing, Giant Whirl, Globes, Advanced Trapeze, Production 1

Emily Wyatt was a Sailor Circus student from third grade through her senior year of high school. Through her Sailor Circus experience, she trained various acts and arts, from acrobatics to flying trapeze. Recognized as “The Most Outstanding Student” for three consecutive years, she was also ABC 7’s “Athlete of the week”. In 2008, she made Sailor Circus history by becoming the first female flying trapeze catcher. After high school graduation in 2009, Emily traveled to Tulsa, OK to help run a recreational trapeze school and later volunteered as a coach for Sailor Circus middle school students. Since 2011 Emily has been working with The Circus Arts Conservatory to increase training opportunities for students in summer camp, community classes, and the Sailor Circus Academy.