Rodleigh Stevens

Circus Arts Training Head Coach

Flying Trapeze, Double Trapeze, Casting Cradle

A fifth-generation circus performer from South Africa, Rodleigh has studied and performed a variety of acts since the age of 10, including flying trapeze, double trapeze, mini trampoline, team pyramids, hand balancing, adagio and more! After high school, he received an opportunity to train flying trapeze in his first professional job in Paris. Circus Arts Conservatory CEO Pedro Reis was also a part of that team.

Rodleigh has performed in 20 different countries and in 25 different circus companies. He has also created a number of flying trapeze teams around the world, including one on the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Red Unit called the Soaring Stars. He also began working as a head coach at circus schools, specifying in the flying trapeze. He started his own circus school Trix Circus, in 2001 when he immigrated to Australia. He and his wife Amanda recently moved to the US to train students and coach at Sailor Circus.