Curatola Bros – Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics

Daring in their duo performance, the Curatola Brothers will astonish you with their hand-to-hand acrobatics!

Giuseppe and Emanuel Curatola are third generation performers from an old Italian circus family. As children, they attended the Accademia del Circo, the Italian national circus academy in Verona. It was there that they developed their hand-to-hand acrobatic act.

Supplemented by training and practice with their family members, the brothers debuted their finished act in 1994. They have performed in circuses and variety shows around the world ever since.

The pair has performed in Europe, South Africa and in the United States, where they were featured in Big Apple Circus’s 2009-10 production.

These incredible siblings present their acrobatic hand-to-hand number in an elegant and original way, showcasing their athletic force in stupendous fashion. Welcome the Curatola Brothers to the center ring!