Giulia Piolanti

Aerial Silks

Giulia Piolanti was born in Italy in a small city named Forli. She practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics beginning at the age of 5. After her career as gymnast she attended a dance academy in Milan for 2 years. By the time she was 20, Giulia was already working for some of the biggest acrobatic dance companies in Italy. In 2007 she left Italy and started her circus career with Cirque du Soleil traveling around the world for 11 years in 4 different productions: Zed (resident show in Tokyo), MJ Immortal World Tour, Toruk; The First Flight and the big top show Luzia. Recently Giulia joined the fantastic world of the Spiegeltent with the Cabaret show from Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle. Giulia was a runner up in the World Pole Dance Championship in 2010 in Japan. Her main disciplines are aerial acts such as Silk, Straps and Hoop.