Hans Klose & his Dogs

Hans Klose arrives at Circus Sarasota with 20 loveable canines ready to amuse with their antics!

Hans is a 2nd generation circus performer – his father came to the US in 1956 to learn acrobatics with a troupe that toured with Ringling Bros, while his mother started her career in New York City with the Radio City Rockettes. After getting married, they began the act “Adele & Gory” the almost human gorilla, which they performed for 30+ years. Later in their career, they began a dog act that they later passed on to their son.

Hans’ circus skills began long before his canine wrangling days… At age 12, he began training in foot juggling under the tutelage of his father, just like his older siblings learned. However, Hans always had a love for animals and has continued involving his passion with his performances.

Hans has traveled throughout North America with Ringling Bros and has performed in some of the largest venues in the region, including Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center.

Traveling the country with 20 dogs is “always an adventure,” Hans says, but he makes sure that each pup is well taken care of. The animals travel in their own specially made RV trailer that is fully self-contained with A/C and heating 24/7 for the utmost comfort.

Hans care for his animals is apparent in his laugh-out-loud routine. We invite you to sit back, relax and giggle to your heart’s content as Hans Klose presents his kooky canines!