KATHY MERRITTKathy was a professional circus artist who specialized in aerial cradle, high wire and aerial duos. She performed on many travelling shows including Shrine Circus, Circus Vargas, Hoxie Brothers Circus, Garden Brothers Circus, and Coronas of Hollywood. She also made television appearances on The Bozo Show, Circus! (a Canadian TV show) and in amusement parks (Enchanted Forest, Old Chicago), where she performed aerial cradle, slide for life and was the assistant in comedy wire. As a circus artist, one is an independent contractor and is responsible for all rigging and wardrobe, music, act training and record keeping – experience that has been valuable in her position at The Circus Arts Conservatory. She has been a volunteer with the Sailor Circus Academy for 20 years and full time staff member with The CAC for 5 years as trainer, program assistant and administrator/registrar.