Kelly was born in Sarasota, Fl to Circus performer parents. Her Mother’s family, The Campa’s are one of Mexico’s largest and oldest circus families. Kelly grew up on many different travelling circuses, and toured the United States and Canada before pausing to attend public high cchool. After high school and college, Kelly returned to the circus for a few more years, before deciding to stay in Sarasota for good. After making a permanent home, Kelly began work in Circus Administration,working in the home office for a travelling circus, managing the”behind the scenes”  of the circus arts, marketing, permitting, booking, purchasing etc. That ten year experience led her to her current job,  as Administrative Coordinator for the Circus Arts Conservatory, an organization whose mission is to promote and further the legacy of the circus arts, through performance, outreach, education and training, a mission that is very near and dear to Kelly’s heart.