Kolev Sisters – Acrobatic Hand Balancing

Circus Sarasota is proud to present Nicole and Michelle, The Kolev Sisters making their American debut.

These two Italian young ladies, will astonish and amaze audiences with their grace, elegance, strength and dexterity.

The sisters started their circus careers as part of The Flying Wulbers, their family’s flying trapeze act. They have performed in Circuses and Circus Festival Competitions throughout Europe, winning many awards with their close-knit family, mother Gilda, father Miltcho and two brothers. They first began their careers on the renowned Circus Moira Orfei in Italy. While performing with their families flying trapeze act the sisters also practiced their hand balancing act for three years before they began presenting it professionally.

The Kolev Sisters are descended from a many generations of circus and coming to perform in the USA is a dream come true for them!