• Circus Summer Campers learn a variety of circus arts including: triple and single trapeze, globes, silks, Rolla Bolla, hula hoop, low wire, clowning, flying trapeze, juggling, and much more
  • Circus Summer Campers enjoy a truly unique experience where they learn circus arts disciplines and then showcase their new skills with a costumed performance with friends and family invited to watch
  • One and two-week sessions sell out quickly, so reserve your child’s spot to attend Circus Summer Camp 2017
  • Click here for registration forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages for Circus Summer Camp?

Ages 6-15 (must have been born before 9/1/2010)

What are your Circus Summer Camp hours?

Monday-Friday 9am-3pm (drop off begins at 8:55am)

How much does pre-care cost and what are the hours?

$25 per week, hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-8:55am, no snacks are provided

How much does aftercare cost and what are the hours?

$50 per week – hours are Monday-Friday from 3:15pm-6pm, snacks are provided, 35 minutes of circus programing and then movie-time

Do you have pre-care and aftercare sibling discounts?

Yes – take $5 off the session prices for siblings. For example a family with two children enrolled in precare would pay $25 for one child and $20 for the other child.

Do you have per day pre-care and aftercare prices?

 Before and after care is available. Before care is $25 per week and the hours are M-F 8 AM – 8:55 AM. No snacks are provided. After care is $50 per week and the hours are M-F 3:15 PM – 6 PM. Snack provided during this time of 35 mins of circus programing and movie time (schedule provided). Pre-enrollment is required, no drop-ins. Space is limited and enrollment on a first-come first-serve basis.

Where is your Circus Summer Camp located?

The Sailor Circus Arena – 2075 Bahia Vista Street, Sarasota FL. 34239, for pick-up and drop-off: heading East on Bahia Vista Street, drive past the Sailor Circus Arena’s blue and white tent, and make your second left into the gates. Map

Can I register online?

No – but you can download the forms here and mail, fax, or email them back to us. If you do not receive confirmation in two days, please call Kathy Merritt, 941.355.9335, ext. 321 to confirm we received your forms.

What should my child wear to circus camp?

Circus girls: leotards or one piece bathing suits with leggings or shorts to go over leotards; For Circus boys: tee shirts, gym shorts, briefs (no boxer shorts), sliders or leggings for aerialist, closed toed shoes. Hair must be up if long, closed-toed shoes and socks are preferred. Crocs are also ok.

What should my child bring to camp every day?

Healthy lunch, refillable water bottle labeled with your child’s name, and a smile!

What should my child NOT wear or bring to camp?

  • We do not allow soda, gum candy, cookies, and other junk food at camp
  • Absolutely NO nut products at Circus Summer Camp!
  • No pajamas, cargo shorts or jeans, flip flops, sandals or slippers
  • No jewelry, watches, money, checks, and other valuables are allowed at camp
  • No electronics such as cell phones, lap tops, mini computers, I-pods, I-pads, MP3 players, and portable game consoles

Do you provide lunch?

No, but we do provide refrigerated storage for your lunch containers from home, we do not have a microwave oven.

Do you provide snacks?

Yes, healthy snacks are provided twice a day. Students with special dietary needs should provide their own snacks.

Where should I drop off my child, do I have to come in?

Drop off and pick up parking are located in the East Parking Lot of Sarasota High School for pick-up and drop-off: heading East on Bahia Vista Street, drive past the Sailor Circus Arena’s blue and white tent, and make your second left into the gates (Map). You must sign your child in and out each day.

What are the dates of the Showcase Programs?

All showcases start at 4:30 pm on the last Friday of each session.

Are the Showcase Programs free to attend?

Beyond immediate family, we ask for a small donation of $5 per person to support the outreach programs that operate in the arena throughout the year.

What is a typical day like at Circus Summer Camp?

A typical day begins with a warm up and group stretch, 1-2 warm up circus activities (like circus relay, low wire, unicycle, trampoline, hula hooping, or juggling) snack, Showcase act rehearsal, lunch, theatre games (air-conditioned time to cool off), arts and circus crafts, Showcase act rehearsal, snack, check-out, group games, and dismissal

How are the students separated into groups?

The students are separated first by age into a “Home” group where they have one counselor and two to three junior counselors; then by interest and ability into a Showcase Act group. Showcase Act groups encompass all ages and have a lead trainer that may not be the same counselor as their “Home” group counselor.

How does the camp place the students into their Showcase Act groups?

On the first day of camp, we have the student try out each of the different acts that are offered for that session. The counselors evaluate each student at the end of the different events. The students are evaluated on their ability to take direction, natural talents, potential to learn, strength, prior circus or comparable experience, and general attitude. The students also provide us with their top three choices of acts at the end of the experience. Based on the counselor recommendations and the student’s interest, we cast the acts for the Showcase Program.

If my child does not make it into their top choice, will they still have a chance to practice that activity at camp?


What is Water Slide Day?

Water Slide Day is typically the first Wednesday of each session. We provide a giant water slide so that the students have a chance to literally cool off during the week and give their bodies a break from the Showcase training schedule. On Water Slide Day students get the opportunity to fly on the aerial straps and flying trapeze.

What should I pack on Water Slide Day?

A swimsuit, towel, and change of clothes. Please apply sunscreen prior to camp or send campers with spray sunscreen.

What if it rains on Water Slide Day?

If rain is predicted for Water Slide Day, we set up the water slide inside the Sailor Circus Arena, or have a camp-wide circus relay Olympics.

Are there scheduled field trips?

During the two-week sessions, during the second week, we take the students to the Ringling Museum to see the Circus Summer Spectacular! We then explore the Circus Museums which are interactive, have lunch, and then return to the Sailor Circus Arena around 2:30pm. Field trip days have a normal drop-off and pick-up schedule from the Sailor Circus Arena.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do offer need-based scholarships. Please contact the CAC summer camp office (941.556.5480) to request the forms and submit the required documents prior to the deadline to be considered. Should you have any questions, please call 941.556.5480.

Conditions of Registration


  • Campers are enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis as per the date of receipt of the registration form and fees
  • Confirmation of enrollment and receipt, along with an invoice for balance due (if applicable) will be sent via email


  • Balance is due in-full at the time of registration and payment plans are available

Waiting List

  • When a session is full, a waiting list is started and a family is notified via email / phone when space becomes available
  • Registration fees are not processed until applicants are placed in a session

Session Date Change

  • Session change requests are based on availability of spaces in camp
  • Session changes can be denied if they are not made 14-days in advance


  • There are no refunds for campers dismissed from the program due to disciplinary reasons, or for campers who choose to withdraw early from a program already in session
  • If a camper leaves due to an injury incurred at camp, a prorated portion of the tuition is refunded

Medical Refund Policy

  • If a camper is injured prior to camp and is unable to participate in the registered session, the family must notify camp immediately
  • Campers will be rescheduled if possible or funds will be transferable to classes


  • Parents/Guardians are required to sign a “General Release” and a “Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement” prior to a Circus Summer Camper being admitted
  • Proof of insurance is required for all Circus Summer Campers
Policies and Procedures


  • $275 for one week sessions
  • $575 for two week sessions
  • A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 is not included in the above pricing

Circus Summer Camp Hours

  • 9 am-3 pm
  • Campers should arrive between 8:55 and 9 am and must be picked up by 3:15 pm


  • Pre-care hours are 8-8:55am
  • Tuition is $25 for a one-week session and $50 for a two-week session
  • Pre-registration is required as space is limited
  • No single day rates
  • A $5 discount off the weekly price is offered for siblings


  • Aftercare hours are from 3:15-6pm
    Tuition is $50 for a one-week session and $100 for a two-week session
  • Snacks are included
    35-minutes of circus programming and movie time
  • Pre-registration is required and space is limited
    No single day rates
    A $5 discount off the weekly price is offered for siblings


Registration is considered complete when:
1) Full tuition is paid
2) Registration fee is paid (a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family is required)
3) All forms are completed and returned to the Circus Arts Conservatory

Multi-Session Discount

  • When registering for two sessions, a discount of $25 off the total tuition price is granted
    When registering for three or more sessions, a discount of $50 off the total tuition price is granted
    This discount is offered once per family, per summer

Sibling Session Discount

  • Circus Summer Camp for one child is full price
  • A $25 discount off the weekly tuition is offered for siblings, for example a family registering two children for a one-week session pay the full fee for one child $275 + $25 registration fee (one-time, one-per-family) (link above) = $300 and one sibling at $275 (-$25 sibling discount) = $250, the total for the family is $550 for two children for one week

Parking / Drop-Off / Pick-Up

  • Drop-off and pick-up parking are located in the East Parking Lot of Sarasota High School
    Heading East on Bahia Vista Street, drive past the Sailor Circus Arena’s blue and white tent, and make your second left into the gates

/ Sign-Out

  • Parents/guardians must go inside the arena and sign campers in and out every day
  • If someone other than yourself is allowed to pick up your child, please indicate that on the registration form under “Who is Authorized to Pick-up This Camper?”
  • ID may be required for pick up


  • Snacks are provided twice daily by The Circus Arts Conservatory
  • Snacks served are fruits and vegetables along with other healthy options
  • Please have your child bring a water bottle to refill during the day, Circus Summer Camp is very physical and it can get very hot in the Sailor Circus Arena
  • If your child has special dietary needs or allergies, please supply your own special snacks


  • Campers must bring their own lunch
  • Absolutely No Peanut Butter at Camp!
  • Please NO packing peanut butter sandwiches or other peanut products in your child’s lunch
  • Please send your child to camp with a good protein source and fruit and/or vegetables, as campers need a healthy lunch to supply them with enough energy to excel
  • We do not allow soda, gum, candy, cookies, or other junk food
  • We do not a have a microwave to heat lunches


  • Campers should wear clothing that is easy to move in and appropriate for being upside down
  • For circus girls: Leotards or one piece bathing suits with leggings or shorts to go over leotards is recommended
    Hair must be up if long
  • Closed-toed shoes and socks are preferred, Crocs are also perfect camp shoes
  • For circus boys: Tee shirts, gym shorts, briefs (no boxer shorts), sliders or leggings for aerialist
  • No pajamas, cargo shorts, jeans, flip flops, sandals, and slippers
  • No: jewelry, watches, money, checks, cell phones, lap tops, mini-computers, i-pods, i-pads, MP3 players, portable game consoles, or other valuables at camp as we do not have secure lockers for storage (If such items are brought to camp and are lost, stolen, or damaged The Circus Arts Conservatory is not responsible)

Health and Safety

  • Body to body contact spreads germs, personal hygiene is very important for your health and our safety, so keep your body clean
  • All cuts or open wounds must be covered with a bandage
  • Please do not share clothes, hair ties, combs, or hair brushes
  • Do not share drinking containers
  • Wash your hands often and use the hand sanitizers located throughout the facility

Code of Conduct

  • All campers will adhere to the Full Values Contract Philosophy: “I will try everything and be respectful to my instructors; I will try everything and support and encourage myself and my friends; I will model this behavior all the time because I am a leader-by-example.”
  • The Full Values Contract is a verbal agreement within a group to try, support, and encourage everyone to achieve their personal best and is used to secure the bonds of teamwork, perseverance, and dedication in a learning environment
  • Parents should discuss examples of good behavior with their children to aid in the cohesion and flow of camp functions
  • The consequence for not adhering to this policy is removal from camp activities, removal from the showcase, or dismissal from camp
  • Bullying or other disruptive behavior to the learning environment will not be tolerated

Showcase Details

  • On Fridays at 4:30 pm, Circus Summer Camp concludes with a Showcase Program lasting approximately 1-hour
  • Students will be dismissed between 6-6:30 pm
  • During session 4 we conclude our two-week camp with a showcase for friends and family on the second Friday
  • Circus Summer Campers are encouraged to invite friends and family to attend the Showcase Program
  • We have seating for 800 people
  • A donation of $5 is requested to support the outreach programs that operate throughout the year
  • Parents can take photos of campers in costume from 4-4:30pm
  • It is warm inside the Sailor Circus Arena  in the summer, so we recommend audience-goers please dress accordingly
  • Refreshments and Camp merchandise are available for purchase
  • After the show, Circus Summer Campers will need to change out of their costumes back into clean clothes, so please send a fresh change of clothes on Showcase Friday
  • Circus Summer Campers stay at camp all day on Friday to prepare for the show, and we offer them pizza, salad, and fruit for dinner. Please pack extra snacks for them if they do not like pizza or have a food allergy

Save The Date!

  • Camp Session 2018 dates to be announced January 2018

Water Slide Day

  • On the first Wednesday of each new camp session, we vary from our usual programming and offer flying trapeze, circus relay, and a water slide in the front yard
  • Circus Summer Campers should bring sunscreen, a towel, and a change of clothes
  • water slide play is not mandatory but encouraged
  • Circus Summer Campers ages 6-9 have an opportunity to swing on the trapeze from 9:30-11:30 am and students ages 10-15 will have an opportunity to swing on the trapeze from 12:30-2:30 pm
  • If it rains, we set up alternative activities and move the Water Slide inside the Sailor Circus Arena