Junior Sailor Circus

The Circus Arts Conservatory is offering an ALL NEW Program for children ages 8–15!

May 5 – June 10, 2021

Registration is CLOSED

Junior Sailor Circus is a six (6) week long session that nurtures the budding athlete, artist, and person. The program is designed to give students experience in the act(s) of their choice and also to give them tools for long-term growth in both their circus life and their everyday life. This is a great starting point for those that aspire to join the Sailor Circus Academy.  All participants will demonstrate their new skills in the student showcase at the end of the session. Students may choose one (1) or more acts and classes are limited to up to ten students per discipline. If your desired selection is full, students have the option to go on a waitlist. Smaller student enrollment provides a safe environment while also allowing a concentrated focus on skill development. Disciplines are not interchangeable; once a student signs up, they will practice that discipline throughout the entire session.

Due to Covid 19, only students currently in training are allowed in the Sailor Circus Arena and and on CAC Campus.  These areas are CLOSED to parents, guardians and visitors.  Students are to be dropped off/picked up in a car line fashion at the Circus Entrance gate (Sarasota High School parking lot).  Parents are not permitted to escort their children into the Arena. A CAC staff member will be available to walk students in.  To continue meeting CDC guidelines, students will be required to wear a mask until proper social distancing in the arena has been achieved.

*Please note our Arena / Campus policy is firm: No parents, guardians, or visitors allowed on campus or in the arena for any reason, no exceptions. You can reach our staff using the remind app.  

Junior Sailor Circus will begin on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 and end on June 10, 2021 with the student showcase. Students will have the opportunity to perform in a costumed Production for a live limited audience.  COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place. 

Session Tuition is $450 per discipline (does not include training attire).

Required Training Attire:
Not provided in tuition. Suggested order links to purchase will be sent to enrolled students.

GIRLS – Red Biketard, Tights, Ballet or Jazz Shoes

BOYS – Red Biketard, Black pants, Dance Belt, Jazz Shoes

Registration for the Spring/Summer session is closed.

Sailor Junior Students will learn:

Foundation & Fundamentals
Junior Sailor’s embark on their circus journey by beginning their training focusing on obtaining a solid circus arts foundation. By learning the circus fundamentals, exploring and having fun in the four main circus categories – Balance, Acrobatics, Aerials and Specialties – they will  safely learn proper warm-up, flexibility & strength training, which will help them in their progression.

The fun in the journey of finding your act
With the opportunity for students to explore and try a variety of acts within the four categories, students can enjoy the fun process of finding their act(s) and help their coaches guide them through that journey.                          

How to showcase what they’ve learned
At the end of their session, Junior Sailor’s will showcase what they’ve learned in a mini performance with state of the art lights and sound in front of an audience, giving them the amazing experience of being a young artist and the feeling of being a star that only circus can bring.

Spring Junior Sailor Circus 2021 class offerings:

  • Clowning & Magic
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 4:45-5:45
  • Balance
    Rola Bola, Low Wire, Rolling Globe
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 4:45-5:45
  • Acrobatics
    Tumbling, Mini Tramp, Trampoline
    Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 5:45-6:45
  • Aerial Bars
    Single Trapeze, Lyra, Ladders
    Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 5:45-6:45
  • Aerial Fabrics
    Hammock, Silks, Web
    Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 4:45-5:45


  • Tuition for this session is $450 per child per discipline (all payments are done through MindBody) 
  • Two payment options 
    • Pay in full 
    • Pay in two payments ($225 each)
      •  Initial payment deducted at the time of purchase. Second payment will be automatically withdrawn on February 20, 2021.


(please read through carefully in order to prevent any issues while enrolling) 

  • Please click the MindBody link HERE to create an account or Log In.
  • Click Register Now
  • Scroll to the desired act
  • Click Sign Up Now
  • Click on the child you are enrolling
  • Select payment option 
  • More than one child?  YOU MUST click continue shopping and repeat the same steps to enroll all additional children before checking out  
  • Once you have selected your child(ren) make sure your cart has a tuition payment for each child you are enrolling 
  • Proceed to check Out, add your billing information and click place order
  • You will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled.
  • If the class is full you will have an option to enroll on the Wait-list

If your child is enrolled in a class you will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled. 

Registration is complete when you have 

  • Paid tuition
  • Received your receipt  
  • Received your Enrollment confirmation (one per child enrolled)  
  • Filled out all of your required forms from your email receipt

An email will be sent out with further instructions prior to the first day of training. If you are waitlisted you will receive a waitlist receipt.   *Remember you must pay your tuition in order for your child to be enrolled and to begin training.

Once you have purchased your class you will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled. In the enrollment confirmation there will many links, including a Google Registration Form. Fill out the forms to complete registration.  

Conditions of Registration


  • Student’s are enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis as per the date of receipt of the registration form and fees
  • Confirmation of enrollment and receipt will be sent via email through MindBody

Waiting List

  • When a class is full, you will have the option to enroll on a waiting list.
  • Family is notified via email / phone when space becomes available


  • Please see our Policies and Procedures Tab

Medical Refund Policy

  • Please see our Policies and Procedures Tab


  • Parents/Guardians are required to sign a “General Release” and a “Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement” prior to a Junior Sailor Circus Student being admitted
  • Proof of insurance is required for all participants
Policies and Procedures

$450 for 6 week session

Is secure once payment in full is collected and all forms are completed and returned to the Circus Arts Conservatory.  Students are enrolled on a first come, first served basis as per the date of receipt of the registration application in Mindbody and the Google Registration Form. Confirmation of enrollment and receipt will be sent via email through MindBody.

No Registration Fees

When a class fills, you may enroll onto the waitlist through MindBody.  Applicants will be notified if space becomes available by email/phone. Tuition fees are not processed until applicants are placed in a session.


Tuition already paid can not be refunded after the training period begins. There are no refunds for cancellation, or schedule changes, or early elective withdrawal. There are no refunds for students dismissed from Junior Sailor Circus due to disciplinary reasons or found with evidence of lice. If a student leaves due to an injury incurred while training which prevents completion of the season, a pro-rated refund will be considered. Credits for recreational classes are non transferable and can NOT be applied to the Sailor Circus Academy. The CAC reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule without setting precedent.


If a student leaves due to an injury incurred at Junior Sailor Circus, a prorated portion of the tuition may be refunded. If a student is injured prior to attending a scheduled session and it prohibits them from participating, we will consider a refund upon review of the doctor’s note.  A doctor’s note must be received prior to the start of the Junior Sailor Circus session in order to be considered for a refund.  Any tuition refunded will incur a $50 admin fee. The CAC reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule without setting precedent.


Parents/Guardians are required to sign a general release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement prior to the student being placed in a session. In addition to a release proof of insurance is required for all campers.


All students will be dropped off and picked up in a carline fashion similar to school drop-off or pick up.  No parents or guardians will be allowed inside the arena facility, no exceptions. Children will be dropped off and picked up near the Sailor Circus ticket will-call booth. There will be  staff there to direct you.

Junior Sailor Circus is a closed space and we do not allow parents or guests to spectate during the training times.  Parents/Guardians/Visitors are not permitted to stay during session time.  


  • All students will adhere to the full values contract below. Full Values Contract is a verbal agreement within a group to try, support, and encourage everyone to achieve their personal best.
  • The F.V.C. is used to secure the bonds of teamwork, perseverance, and dedication in a learning environment.
  • We will ask the participants to abide by the following philosophy: “I will try everything and be respectful to my instructors; I will try everything and support and encourage myself and my friends; I will model this behavior all the time because I am a leader by example”.
  • The consequence for not adhering to this policy is removal from the program.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
COVID-19 Policies

Before students come to practice: Take your child’s temperature and screen for symptoms before practice each day.

Drop Off/Pick Up: All drop off and pick up for students is located at the midway gate adjacent to Sarasota High School parking lot. Look for our “Circus Entrance” banner on the fence to direct you. Students should never be dropped off/ picked up in the staff parking lot/ticket sales lot by our main office. Students will be dropped off and picked up in a carline fashion. A CAC staff member will be at the gate 10 minutes prior to the class time to escort students inside the arena. After class a CAC staff member will escort students outside to the main gate for pick up.

  • Masks are required
  • BEFORE entering the Arena, students will wash their hands at the outdoor hand washing station, located in front of the outdoor concessions stand.
  • Enter through the MAIN DOORS in the midway.
  • Have temperature taken (touchless thermometer – forehead or wrist)

The Circus Arts Conservatory 

Kelly Fairchild at 941-355-9335 ext. 300 or Kelly@CircusArts.org