Junior Sailor Circus

The Circus Arts Conservatory is offering an ALL NEW Youth Program for children 8–15!

Registration for the current session is closed.

Please check back in December for a list of NEW classes being offered in the Spring session and for Spring registration information.

Junior Sailor Circus is an intense 6 week introductory course focusing on a specialized area of circus arts.  All participants will demonstrate their new skills in the student showcase at the end of the session. Students may choose one (1) or more disciplines (Limit 10 students each). If your desired selection is full, students have the option to go on a waitlist. Smaller student enrollment provides a safe environment while also allowing a concentrated focus on skill development. Disciplines are not interchangeable; once a student signs up, they will practice that discipline throughout the entire session.

Due to Covid 19, only students currently in training are allowed in the Sailor Circus Arena and and on CAC Campus.  These areas are CLOSED to parents, guardians and visitors.  Students are to be dropped off/picked up in a car line fashion at the Circus Entrance gate (Sarasota High School parking lot).  Parents are not permitted to escort their children into the Arena. A CAC staff member will be available to walk students in.  To continue meeting CDC guidelines, students will be required to wear a mask until proper social distancing in the arena has been achieved.

Junior Sailor Circus will begin the week of Monday, October 12 and end the week of Monday, November 16. Students will have the opportunity to perform in a recorded Junior Sailor Circus Production.  Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, the show will not be performed with a live audience. 

Session Tuition is $450 per discipline (does not include training attire).  Required Training Attire:

GIRLS – Red Biketard, Tights, Ballet or Jazz Shoes

BOYS – Red Biketard, Black pants, Dance Belt, Jazz Shoes

Fall 2020 class offerings:   


Acrobatics and balance are required skills for students wishing to advance to the performance level of Sailor Circus. Students are required to actively participate, demonstrate listening skills & class etiquette. Students will be instructed by a professional coach on the important fundamentals of acrobatic awareness and balance. Students will learn proper technique in tumbling, balancing, flexibility, back bending, body awareness and control in various positions as well as how to use various circus apparatus, such as, but not limited to rola bola and globes. Students will learn precise form, body mechanics and spatial awareness into order to progress to higher skilled tumbling and acrobatic maneuvers. 


Lyra is a circular steel ring similar to a hula hoop that’s suspended in the air by a cable or any lengthy cord attached to the ceiling. Students will be instructed in artistic and acrobatic mounts and fundamental aerial skills and positions.  Lyra teaches you grace, strength and power as you pose, flip, hang and dance suspended in the air.


This class focuses on developing a strong foundation of trampoline and mini trampoline skills. Students will learn various jumps, flips and twisting techniques. The technical progression instructed is designed for beginner through advanced. Students will be taught how to train safely on the equipment as well as learn the logical progressions required to increase personal abilities.


Object manipulation is a form of dexterity in which artists manipulate one or more objects such as cubes and frames. Students train to spin and juggle objects around creating patterns that are visually captivating. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the art of jump rope.

Once you have purchased your class you will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled. In the enrollment confirmation there will many links, including a Google Registration Form. Fill out the forms to complete registration.  


  • Tuition for this session is $450 per child per discipline (all payments are done through MindBody) 
  • Two payment options 
    • Pay in full 
    • Pay in two payments ($ 225 each)
      •  Initial payment deducted at the time of purchase. Second payment will be automatically withdrawn on the same date the following month.

ENROLLMENT DIRECTIONS (please read through carefully in order to prevent any issues when enrollment opens) 

Enrollment is currently closed. Please check back in December to enroll in the Spring session.

  • Please click the MindBody link HERE create an account or Log In.
  • Click this LINK ENROLL NOW
  • Scroll to act
  • Click Sign Up Now 
  • Click on the child you are enrolling
  • Select payment option 
  • More than one child?  YOU MUST click continue shopping and repeat the same steps to enroll all additional children before checking out  
  • Once you have selected your child(ren) make sure your cart has a tuition payment for each child you are enrolling 
  • Proceed to check Out, add your billing information and click place order    
  • You will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled.
  • If the class is full you will have an option to enroll on the Wait-list     

If your child is enrolled in a class you will receive an emailed receipt and an additional enrollment confirmation email for each child enrolled. 

Registration is complete when you have 

  • Paid tuition
  • Received your receipt  
  • Received your Enrollment confirmation (one per child enrolled)  
  • Filled out all of your required forms from your email receipt

An email will be sent out with further instructions prior to the first day of training. If you are waitlisted you will receive a waitlist receipt.   *Remember you must pay your tuition in order for your child to be enrolled and to begin training.

Refund Policy

Tuition already paid can not be refunded after the training period begins.  There are no refunds for cancellation, or schedule changes, or early elective withdrawal.  There are no refunds for students dismissed from Junior Sailor Circus due to disciplinary reasons or found with evidence of lice. If a student leaves due to an injury incurred while training which prevents completion of the season, a pro-rated refund will be considered. Credits for recreational classes are non transferable and can NOT applied to the Sailor Circus Academy. The CAC reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule without setting precedent.

The Circus Arts Conservatory Registrar: 

Tonia Bichler at 941-355-9335 ext 326 or Tonia@CircusArts.org


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