Review of the Summer Circus Spectacular 2014 at The Ringling; presented by The Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota

“Step right up, folks, to the “Greatest Show on Earth!”  What could be more entertaining on the very grounds of the Ringling estate itself than the Summer Circus Spectacular 2014.  Uniquely showcased in the Historic Asolo Theater, this production incorporates all the elements of the circus arts; a stunning ringmistress, astonishing displays of strength and stamina by a world-class hand-balancing act, a trained Chihuahua, an extraordinary juggling act, a world-famous aerialist soaring high overhead, amazing split-second costume change artists, and of course, a goofy but hilarious clown.  These performers delight and thrill the audience with their spectacular feats, but there is so much more to this story, folks.

CIRCUS REVIEW: Circus Sarasota turns up the heat for summer show

The air conditioning is working just fine but The Ringling’s Historic Asolo Theater is heating up with several of the acts featured in this year’s Summer Circus Spectacular. The temperature starts rising with Vladimir Kim, who spins metal cubes with an easy dexterity, and then gets warmer with the feats of strength demonstrated by hand-balancer Christian Stoinev, before the show erupts in piles of silver glitter with the quick-change costume act of Vladimir and Olga Smirnov.

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Sarasota Heats Up With Excitement For The Summer Circus Spectacular 2014

SARASOTA, FL – It’s a season for excitement as The Circus Arts Conservatory proudly teams up with The Ringling, for their eighth consecutive year, to present the fabulous and affordable Summer Circus Spectacular 2014. The world-class performances take place, every Tuesday through Saturday – from June 17th to August 2nd- inside Sarasota’s Historic Asolo Theater. This one-of-a-kind production has become a celebrated summertime event on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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