Magnet programs offer unique physical education opportunities, building confidence and supporting teamwork.

Sarasota High School Magnet Program

Circus Arts Conservatory has collaborated with Sarasota High School to teach students important life skills that are unique to Circus Arts. Together we have created a one-of-a-kind Magnet Program that challenges student’s strength, balance, and flexibility – both physically and mentally! The Circus Magnet Program provides an innovative set of state standards that combines local circus history,  physics, and performing arts. The Magnet Program is designed to help students develop advanced athletic abilities and creative thinking skills.

Unlike the traditional Sailor Circus Academy, the Circus Magnet Program takes place during the school day, and earns students credit toward a high school diploma. Students that participate in our Magnet Program are not required to perform in the Sailor Academy. The district allows school reassignment with program enrollment (meaning if you are not districted for SHS, you can school-choice). This 4-year physical education program conditions muscle memory and conceptualizes kinesiology. The Circus Magnet Program is compatible with Sarasota High’s AICE and MAST accelerated academic programs. Students in this program learn about the rich history of circus arts in Sarasota, which has been a hub of circus activity for over a century.

Application deadline August 1st.

For more detailed infomation, CLICK HERE.

To apply, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Complete the ‘Sarasota High School Application’ form linked below
  • Submit your audition video to our Circus Magnet Lead Teacher and program coordinator, Dakota Carrera.
  • Letter of recommendation submitted directly by email to Dakota Carrera

Audition Video and Letter or Recommendation sent to:  (preferred) or

Booker Middle School Magnet Program

The Booker Middle School magnet program began in 2020, and currently has nearly 40 students enrolled. It was the brainchild of school Principal Dr. LaShawn Frost and developed with support of the USF Sarasota-Manatee Center for PAInT (Partnerships in Arts-Integrated Teaching). PAInT works to: offer arts-integrated teaching support to Florida schools and school districts with disproportionately low rates of arts programs, replicate successful arts integration programs in Florida’s Title I schools, and remove barriers to the implementation of arts integration in all Florida schools.

In addition to serving as a pipeline to the CAC’s renowned Sailor Circus Academy, the Booker Middle magnet program increases access to the circus arts to students who might not otherwise be able to participate. The CAC’s outreach manager, Karen Bell, notes that some Sailor Circus Academy students are also choosing to join the magnet program at the two schools.

According to Americans for the Arts, “Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.” Bell notes that, “There’s a place in the circus for everybody. Whether a student enjoys being up in the air, if they have a funny bone, or if they’re seeking to challenge themselves with something new and different that’s creative as well as physical, they can find their place in the circus.”

For more information contact: Christine Reagan, Visual & Performing Arts Director, Booker Middle School (941)359-5824 x61009 or