Circus arts training program for students in Sarasota & Manatee counties

Known worldwide as “The Greatest ‘Little’ Show on Earth,” the Sailor Circus is America’s oldest youth circus, having been seen by more than 1 million spectators!  The Academy provides a rigorous after-school circus training program where students ages 8-18 learn to develop life management skills, gain self-discipline, bolster confidence and a commitment to achievement, all in a safe and nurturing circus atmosphere.

Want to Join The Sailor Circus Academy?

Gold Troupe   (Beginner / Intermediate level).

Evaluations take place in the Summer for the Fall session and in January for the Sring Session.

The evaluations for the Fall 2023 Season have ended. Spring 2024 evaluations are scheduled for January.

Registration for the Fall 2023 session is now CLOSED. Check back in late December  – early January for the Spring Session. 

Red Troupe   (Intermediate / Advanced level )

Invitation Only. 

Evaluations take place in the Summer only. 

The evaluations for the 2023-2024 period have ended.

Check back in the Summer for Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 sessions.

How to Register For An Evaluation

Evaluations for the Fall 2023 session have ended. 

To register for an evaluation: 

Once registration is open, a link will be provided on this page. Simply fill out the short form to reserve your spot. Please note that after evaluations are completed, we cannot consider anyone on a special basis for any reason. Please see below for further details.

Pre-Registration is required.

Space is limited.

There there will be no make-up days. If you miss your scheduled time, forget to register, all spots are full or missed the deadline, you may register for the August Evaluations (see below). Our process involves a panel of coaches and multiple stations to ensure a thorough evaluation. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate individual evaluations or arrange make-up days for any reason. No evaluation is required to join the Gold Troupe. Campers can NOT be evaluated during Summer camp as our evaluation team does not work during Summer camp.

Have questions or need help filling out your form? Email or call 941-355-9335 ex 326

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