Allie Hetherington

Hula Hoop, Cloud Swing, SHS Magnet Program, Public Classes, Prep Program

Allie Hetherington found her passion for circus arts at Florida State University where she was a part of the Flying High Circus for 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. At FSU, she performed and taught Spanish Web, Cloudswing, and Bike for 5. She discovered her love of teaching circus arts as a summer camp counselor at Callaway Gardens with the FSU Circus. She went on to coach various circus skills for all ages at Circus Harmony in St. Louis for a year and a half. She joined The Circus Arts Conservatory team in 2019 and is involved in several of the programs we offer. She is a coach for the Sailor Circus Academy, teaches for the SHS Circus Arts Magnet Program, and is involved in public classes and preparatory programs.