Pam Hamilton

Pam began her circus career at the age of 5, and grew up travelling and performing all over the western United States in the Wenatchee Youth Circus.  During her time there she Juggled and performed on Globes, Rola Bola, Tight Wire, High Wire and many other acts.  After graduating high school she worked professionally in several theme parks, performing on High Wire, Tight Wire, Juggling, Unicycle and Webs.

For many years afterward, she and her husband, Warren, presented a Juggling Act in circus, stage  and theatre shows.

After retiring from performing Pam coached High Wire, Low Wire, and Juggling at the Wenatchee Youth Circus; Tight Wire and Juggling at the FSU Flying High Circus; and High Wire, Low Wire, Juggling, and Unicycle at Circus Juventus.

She came to Sailor Circus Academy in 2014, and has coached Juggling, Globes, Slack Rope, Acrobatic Roller Skating, Tight Wire and High Wire.

Pam states, “I am proud to be part of the CAC organization and love coaching our talented Sailor Circus Academy performers.”