Linda Voigt Butler

Production 1 Side-by-Side Trapeze 

Linda Voigt Butler trained with the Sailor Circus from 1959-1963, performing Bike-for-5, Spanish Web, Swinging Trapeze, and Flying Trapeze. She later performed with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey doing Spanish Web, Hanging Perch, and as a Showgirl. Linda has two daughters who trained with the Sailor Circus from 1994-2003. She has been a circus coach since 1991 and also works as a teacher’s aide for Sarasota Middle School. Her hobbies include travel, fishing, boating, cooking, knitting, hiking, reading, spending time with family/extended family, and anything that involves being outdoors. Linda is passionate about her work coaching Sailor Circus students and is a valuable team member.