Khera Smith

Unicycle, Swinging Trapeze

Khera Smith was a long-term Sailor Circus student, having participated in the program for 10 years. She performed High Wire, Unicycle, Swinging Trapeze, Roman Rings, Aerial Silks, and much more! Khera was fortunate to receive specialized training from legendary circus aerialist LaNorma Fox on her trapeze skills, helping her excel in strength, agility, grace, and performance. Khera also performed with internationally-recognized professional artists such as Michelangelo Nock and Nik Wallenda. She has worked a number of professional circuses throughout the US and, locally, she works with Circus Sarasota and Show Folks. Since 2013, Khera has worked with the Sailor Circus Academy students, The Circus Arts Conservatory’s summer camp, and teaches circus arts classes.