Warren H. Hamilton

Skating, Slack Rope, Globes

Warren attended Florida State University where he joined the FSU Flying High Circus and performed Flying Trapeze, Slack Wire, Acrobatic Roller Skating, Hand Balancing, Rola Bola, and was part of the very first 4-person juggling team at FSU.  Upon leaving FSU he performed professionally on the Flying Trapeze and Juggling in theme parks where he met his wife, Pam.

For years Warren and Pam continued performing a juggling act in various entertainment venues across the United States.  

Upon retiring the juggling act Warren Coached Flying Trapeze and Juggling at the Wenatchee Youth Circus; Slack Rope, Acrobatic Roller Skating, and Juggling at the FSU Flying High Circus; and worked at Circus Juventus coaching Flying Trapeze, Low Casting, Juggling, Unicycle, and Tight Wire.

In 2014 Warren began coaching at Sailor Circus Academy, where he has brought Acrobatic Roller Skating, Slack Rope, and Rola Bola Adagio to the program, in addition to helping revamp the Juggling Act.

Warren appreciates Pedro, Dolly, and the CAC staff preserving the tradition of great circus, and supporting new acts and ideas toward excellence and professionalism.