Rikki Hettig-Rolfe Meaux

Silks, Hammock, Prep Program, Web, Unicycle

Rikki Hettig-Rolfe Meaux is an educator and a second generation professional circus artist. She has loved the circus for as long as she can remember, growing up in Sarasota, Florida, performing in the Sailor Circus, from the first through the twelfth grades. Rikki was inspired by the passion and success of her uncle, Farrell (Bubba) Hettig, who walked high wire with the Flying Wallendas in the Seven Person Pyramid as well as going on to win the Silver Clown of Monte Carlo with his own duo act, The Fabulous Farrell Brothers.

After spending her youth passionately training and performing, Rikki continued to learn and grow as a performer, through training and teaching. Rikki graduated from the University of South Florida and worked as an elementary school teacher for several years, while also working with the Sailor Circus Academy. She currently works full time at The Circus Arts Conservatory in the Education Department and with the Sailor Circus Academy, teaching recreational classes, working as manager of our Circus Summer Camp, and performing professionally. Rikki has performed for productions by Circus Sarasota, Sunset Events, Circus Incredible and more.

Rikki specializes in aerial silks, but also performs lyra, aerial hammock, Spanish web, low wire, hand balance, acrobatics, swinging and static trapeze, globes, dance, duo silks and lyra, and more. She loves pouring champagne, while hanging upside down from her silk.