Ambra Andrine – Equestrian & Aerial Lyra

Ambra Andrine comes from circus royalty. She is a 10th generation performer on her Zerbini side and a 9th generation of the Bauer and Nock families.

Ambra is proud to carry on as the next generation of her family’s heritage and art form. Her mother, Sylvia Zerbini, is a world renowned equestrian trainer and aerialist, and father, Joseph D. Bauer, is not only our Ringmaster, but also a aerialist and daredevil.

Growing up, Ambra performed on Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus for 10 years. She debuted as the youngest performer and Liberty presenter at 16 years of age on the acclaimed equestrian show “Cavalia”. She has also performed in many other shows and events such as Equine Affaire, “Sable Equestrian Theatre” by Cirque du Soleil and The Royal Canadian Circus produced by her grandfather Tarzan Zerbini.

Traveling all over the world from such a young age prohibited Ambra from pursuing her passion for dance. “I never had the feet but I did have the heart,” she says. Now that she is a little older she has been able to bring all of her favorite art forms together – including dance, but in an aerial style.

Ambra feels fortunate to be here at Circus Sarasota presenting her passions – a modern blend of aerial dance along with her majestic horses. Watch as her grace and majestic equines create a unique show of artistry that will take your breath away!