Thrills and laughs in Circus Sarasota’s intimate ‘Fearless’

For nearly two decades, Circus Sarasota keeps finding surprises for its annual winter shows. And this year’s title production “Fearless” suits a show that seems to prove there are countless people around the world who live for the thrill of performing dangerous stunts for audiences.

From the Fabulous Wallendas walking three people high across a wire, to a Romanian Russian barre act, there are plenty of thrills to be found, each one boisterously introduced by ringmaster Joseph Dominick Bauer Jr.

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Fearless Circus Sarasota 2015

Circus Sarasota is back with this year’s edition, titled Fearless, featuring The Flying Wallendas starring Nik Wallenda, “King of the High Wire.” Circus Sarasota, headed by Pedro Reis and Dolly Jacobs, re-incorporated as Circus Arts Conservatory two years ago, taking several other organizations and programs under its umbrella, including PAL Circus. Now, Circus Arts Conservatory offers expanded educational programs as well as various performances throughout the year, but the yearly edition of Circus Sarasota remains its center piece. This year they have chosen a new location, Nathan Benderson Park, adjacent to the new University Town Center Mall.

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Circus Sarasota

Perhaps it’s the new location (Nathan Benderson Park), perhaps it’s the Wallenda family troupe featuring as headliners, or perhaps it’s just the overall lineup—at any rate, this year’s production of Circus Sarasota seemed to generate more energy from a packed crowd the night I saw it than usual.

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