Duo 19

Oliver and Cassie are a dynamic duo trapeze pair trying to take over the world one theatre at a time. Their duo tries to push the boundaries of aerial technique to create an act that is notable for it’s eye-catching tricks and obvious love of performance.
Oliver grew up in Kansas playing rugby; he moved west to become an MMA champion and earn his PhD in medicinal chemistry. Then, because his life clearly wasn’t interesting enough, he became a flying trapeze catcher and a duo trapeze porter, and began traveling and working with Quixotic.

Cassie grew up doing gymnastics in Los Angeles, CA. She realized very early on she never wanted to stop flipping so naturally she joined the circus. Since then she has toured with Pippin the Musical, worked with Circus Roncalli, and Circus 1903 just to name a few. She has never met an apparatus she couldn’t master or a trick she wouldn’t attempt.

Together Oliver and Cassie will captivate you with daring acrobatics and spirited antics.