Tino Cristiani

Ernesto (Tino) Cristiani, was born the fifth generation of one of the most illustrious circus families, that dates back to 1840.
In 1969, Tino and his brother Armando, created the acclaimed “Cristiani Bros. Trampoline Act.”

They performed 26 years in various shows and venues the likes of, Korakuen Stadium/Tokyo, Japan in 1976, American Circus on Ice/ Lisbon, Portugal in 1977, Deutschland Halle / Berlin, Germany in 1979, Circus Circus Casino, Las Vegas in 1981-82, Walt Disney’s World on Ice in 1982-83 and Circus Vargas / Hollywood, CA in 1987.

Tino Cristiani and his brother highlighted their careers by having the honor of presenting their famed trampoline act in a 1978 command performance for the King and Queen of Sweden at Tivoli Gardens in Stockholm, Sweden. They followed that by winning a Silver Medal in 1979 at the Circus World Championships in London, England, before retiring their act to pursue a career in entertainment producing in 1992.

Today, Tino is thrilled to be part of the Circus Arts Conservatory team and coach all levels of Trampoline, Acrobatic Tumbling and Balance. Tino speaks 5 languages. Aside from English, he is fluent in Italian, Spanish, French, and German.