You Answered the Call. You Stood with Circus & We Thank You!

Circus Sustainers Honor Roll

We are incredibly grateful for those donors who have stepped up to help our circus when the pandemic forced performance cancellations earlier this year. The Circus Arts Gala, our annual major fundraiser that directly supports our mission, and Circus Sarasota, our show of international stars under the Big Top which is our largest revenue generator, both were cancelled, resulting in the financial crippling of our operations. The individuals below, whom we call Circus Sustainers, made extra gifts to help see us through these difficult times. Thank you! Our circus was in jeopardy and you stood by us. We are on the road to recovery, thanks to your sustaining gifts.

Platinum Sustainers

Gala Co-Chairs:
Donna Koffman • Elisabeth Waters • Jaclyn Brunckhorst • Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed

Mr. and Mrs. Ali Bahaj
Ms. Judith Day
r. and Mrs. Warren Hamilton
Mr. Charles Huisking

Mr. J. William Misiura
Ms. Gloria Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Powers
Ms. Phyllis Siskel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Valentino
Ms. Elisabeth Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Woodworth

Gold Sustainers

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ashman
Ms. Diane Baker
Mr. John Bean & Mrs. Jupin-Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Feinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. William Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Garry Goudy

Ms. Gudrun Graugaard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hausberg
Mr. and Mrs. James Marsey
Ms. Cornelia Matson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McGillicuddy
Mr. and Mrs. James Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perret

Ms. Molly Schechter
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Swan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tetmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tibbals
Rev. and Mrs. Everett Walk
Drs. Richard and Phyllis Yonker

Silver Sustainers

Mr. Charles Albers
Mr. Tom Barber
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
Ms. Elizabeth Campa-Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Capron
Dr. and Mrs. Luis Chu
Ms. Yvonne Fadely
Mr. Andrew Kotsatos & Ms. Heather Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kraat
Mr. and Mrs. David Laws
Mr. Keith Monda & Ms. Veronica Brady
Ms. Marian Moss
Dr. Julia Prewitt
Dr. Frederica Priano
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rainey
Mr. Robert Rosinsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Sancin Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Schroeder
Ms. Elizabeth Siegfried
The Jelks Family Foundation
Dr. Dawn Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Thompson
Ms. Pauline Wamsler

Bronze Sustainers

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Birnbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bockstahler
Mr. and Mrs. James Butler
Ms. Janet Calkins
Ms. Barbara Chertok
Mr. Bob Collins & Ms. Giselle Stolper
Mr. Ted Devirgilis
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Esformes
Mr. and Mrs. John Fanelli
Ms. Kathleen Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gewirtz
Dr. David Freeman & Ms. Tiffany Caldwell
Ms. Loretta Garber
Ms. Susan Groarke

Mr. Edward Grossman &  Ms. Shelley Lazarus
Dr. William B. Grubb Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hamilton
Ms. Donna Horsey
Ms. Evelyn Huntington
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Koch
Mr. and Mrs. James Kopinsky
Mr. Peter Kretzmer
Ms. Phyllis Loewengart
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Magee
Mr. Dave Marshall
Mrs. Mary Jane Miller
Mr. Robert Mongtomery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan

Ms. Melanie Odom
Mr. and Mrs. William Prentiss
Ms. Nancy Roucher
Mr. and Mrs. John Royal
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Rubin
Ms. Rosalind Siegel
Ms. Eva Slane
Ms. Barbara Smagacz
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Thompson
Dr. David Tetrault
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vollweiler
Mr. Tino Wallenda

Please review your donation form carefully before submitting payment. ALL sales and donations are final!

Thank you for choosing to support The Circus Arts Conservatory. As a non-profit 501(c)(3), we rely on you to make our community outreach programs possible. Through your help and support we are able to offer help and support to others.