Pedro Carrillo – High Wire

Pedro Carrillo takes to the peak of the Big Top with an unforgettable high wire routine that will leave you breathless.

Pedro, the son of renowned high wire walker Pedro Sr., was exposed to the circus at a very young age. After school, he trained on the low wire and trampoline before moving on to the high wire in high school.

While touring with the act, he was spotted by Martin Espana, who convinced him to try out to perform as a catcher with their trapeze act, The Flying Espanas. In a few short weeks, Pedro learned all their tricks successfully and was hired.

While performing with the Espanas in Hawaii, Pedro was asked by his father to join him on the high wire for Ringling Bros Circus’ Gunther Gebel-Williams Farewell Tour. Pedro agreed and went on to perform with his father and partner Luis Posso. The pair and partner Luis Posso performed on the tour and went on to share their act in several other circuses and festivals throughout Europe.

After 7 years of performing together, Pedro Jr. decided to branch out on his own and form his own act with partner Luis D. Acosta. Since then he and Luis, along with Pedro’s wife Tatjana, have performed all over the world on some of the best shows in the business, including Circus Roncalli, Circus Krone, Big Apple Circus, Cirque Du Soleil, and many more.

 Their act has been honored with several awards, including the Coveted Silver Clown at the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo – a recognition that both Pedro Jr. and Luis Acosta share with their fathers.

Now, Pedro Jr. and his team present an unforgettable act that has been years in the making – literally. We welcome them with open arms as they take to the center ring!