Valerie Inertie – Cyr Wheel

The beautiful Valerie Inertie will mesmerize audiences on the spinning Cyr Wheel!

At an early age, Valérie was introduced to sport and circus by her mother and soon became a great gymnast. Once in school, she naturally excelled in both artistic and sport fields. In her teenage years, she was drawn to high-risk sports which gave her an outlet for her explosive energy.

In 2001, young Valérie enrolled in a sport/arts academic program that combined circus arts and social work. For the next four years, she honed her skills in circus arts while pursuing her social involvement.

While training at the Québec Circus School, she explored various disciplines, including aerial silk, German Wheel, unicycle and acrobatics. She later met Daniel Cyr, inventor of the Cyr Wheel, who generously shared his expertise with her.

Valerie’s fascination for the Cyr Wheel and her natural talent for dance and theatre helped her develop her own vocabulary of movement and create unique performances. In 2005, she took her first steps onto the world stage. As the first female Cyr Wheel soloist, she quickly stood out as an icon in the field.

She began her artistic career presenting her act within the German Variétes and private events before moving on to major companies including Cirque du Soleil. Her talent has brought her to over 30 countries throughout her career. Her work has inspired many Cyr Wheel enthusiasts and greatly contributed to the emergence of a feminine artistic style.

In 2011, Valerie Intertie was invited to present her Cyr Wheel act at the 35th
Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and was awarded the “Silver Clown” and the “Audience 1st Choice” award, among others.

Driven by the desire to share her creative inspiration, Valérie involves herself in innovative projects and organizes Cyr Wheel workshop all around the world. We welcome her and her shining talent to the center ring at Circus Sarasota!