East County Observer 1-17-08 Jen Ball  “I had a little boy tell his mother I gave him happy tears, and that just tickles me to death” Bell said.

Girls Inc newsletter, Sept 2005 “Circus Sarasota has greatly impacted the community with its strong education, human service and performing arts programs.  The girls were delighted by the performance of a Circus Sarasota clown and her trick dog.”

Herald Trib.  2005  Patty Allen-Jones “I enjoy doing the tricks,” said 9- year- old third grader Karissa Williams, and “that we get all our homework done.”  “Here is the best of two worlds coming together for these kids,” Steve Dragon said.

Herald Trib Phyllis Breeden, 5-2-2007  “AAs fifth-grader Sarah Oney said of her motive to join the program. “I thought it would be really fun.  And it is.  You get to learn about cool stuff and get to be really goofy”.

Rowlette Ele, 5-22-08 Paula Karalis  “This program was wonderful for teaching children the real-world concept of teamwork as well as patience and cooperation.  The children had to work cooperatively with one another in order to perform successfully.”  The circus offered such a unique opportunity in which all children participated and could express themselves.”