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Circus Arts Conservatory presents free Community Outreach Performance

Patrons who might not otherwise be able to experience the joy of a live circus enjoyed a free performance of Circus Sarasota

SARASOTA, FL – Since the very first year of the Circus Arts Conservatory’s Circus Sarasota show 26 years ago (except for the interruption due to COVID-19), the CAC has offered free Community Outreach Performances for residents who might not otherwise be able to experience the joy of the circus. This year, on March 7, was no exception: more than 350 community members gathered together under the Big Top, including residents of nursing homes and assisted living communities, and clients from organizations for neurologically and developmentally challenged individuals as well as social service agencies, to see an abridged version of Circus Sarasota.

            The guests enjoyed a special one-hour performance, featuring a number of the acts performing in this year’s Circus Sarasota show. A crew of volunteers assisted audience members with mobility issues, to facilitate their safe and enjoyable experience.

Each year, the Circus Arts Conservatory’s professional arm, Circus Sarasota, offers a showcase of top global circus artists performing in a one-ring traditional circus setting. Featuring new and innovative acts, Circus Sarasota’s 2024 production has offered high-flying action, heart-stopping thrills, laugh-out-loud comedic antics, and acts that defy both expectations and the boundaries of physical limitations.

“We are delighted to offer this special opportunity for people who otherwise might not be able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of a live circus,” said Circus Arts Conservatory executive vice president/COO Jennifer Mitchell. “This performance for an exceptional audience is just one facet of our outreach into the community that has heartily welcomed and steadfastly supported us for so many years.”

The performance took place at the Big Top on Regatta Island at Nathan Benderson Park, where the entirety of the Circus Sarasota run – which continues through Sunday, March 10 – is taking place. For more information or tickets, visit circussarasota.org.

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