To Support The CAC and One World Circus


Throughout history and to the delight of audiences everywhere, the circus has had the capacity to adapt to circumstances of historic proportions and continue to entertain multitudes of people. The current situation is no exception as The Circus Arts Conservatory has found a way to evolve and present an international show – virtually.

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages are invited to sit down and witness amazing feats presented before their very eyes in their own homes! One World Circus is ready to bring chills, thrills and laughs aplenty to audiences during its first ever LIVE virtual presentation. 

Dolly Jacobs & Pedro Reis, CAC Founders and Miguel Vargas a fifth generation Circus Artist and Cirque du Soleil coach have selected an international cast of renowned circus artists to showcase the finest acts in various circus arts disciplines. As with all Circus Arts Conservatory shows, this one will  feature new and innovative acts, offering heart-stopping thrills, laugh-out-loud comedy, and acts that defy both expectations and the boundaries of human limitations.

A global cast that has perfected their art form through years of training and performances with some of the world’s most prestigious circuses and festivals will perform LIVE from Brazil, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Sarasota, FL, Las Vegas, NV and Salt Lake City, UT.

If you missed it you can still see One World Circus – Click Below

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