Roman Khaperskiy – Hand Balance

Russian artist Roman Khaperskiy is set to amaze audiences with his unforgettable hand balancing act!

Roman was born into a family of circus performers, including his father, Khaperskiy Stanislav Fedorovitch, who performed his circus acts for 35 years. Both of Roman’s parents raised him and his brother by learning circus disciplines.

Between 1989-1991, Roman and his family performed a number of family acts, including the acrobatic “Voltige” and a group Aerial Perch act. In 1996, Roman and his brother created a Strong Man Duo act.

During his solo career, Roman has traveled the world and been a part of some of the most prestigious circuses. He has even been awarded multiple times at famous circus festivals, including bronze medals at the “Festival Mondial du Cirque du Demain” in Paris, France and the International Circus Festival at Monte Carlo.

In 2009, Roman created his unique hand balancing act that he has performed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Now, he brings this routine to the US for the very first time to dazzle audiences with his incredible talent.

We welcome Roman Kharpersky to the bright lights of Circus Sarasota!