Victor Krachinov – Juggling

Victor Krachinov will stun audiences of all ages with his unforgettable juggling act!

Born into a family of circus artists, Victor has learned the great skills of the circus arts from a young age. He believes that the circus arts contributes to “happiness, imagination, energy and freedom of thought” and strives to further those attributes through his performances.

At age five, he helped his parents organize a full-fledged show – and even served as the emcee!

Ever since he began honing in on his own performance skills at age 13, Victor has trekked the world to appear in many different stage and circus productions. His travels have taken him across Europe through the Middle East and Asia, and now to the United States.

Victor’s performance combines deep spirituality with classical music as he showcases his incredible skills that have made him well known. His movements translate artfully to audiences, where they understand each gesture and each emotion as he presents his act in the ring.

We welcome Victor and his unique abilities to the center ring at Circus Sarasota!